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Wondering how Brisbane home designs and Father’s Day are related? You’re about to find out.

Have you put any thought to Father’s Day? It is only around the corner. In this blog post we are going to look at some of the best and most thoughtful house gifts money can buy for the dads of this world. But, we are going to look at these gifts and see how they apply to a specific Newstart Homes, Brisbane home design, The Grange 38. But (again), we are also going to look at gifts that are great for not only the dads, but for the mothers, wives and children. These gifts will make your house a home. Let’s dive right in.

The home we’re applying these Father’s Day gifts to is:

The Grange — premier Brisbane home designs

grange 38 newstart homes

The Grange 38 is known for its smart design, delivering quality modern living environments all round. The living spaces are adaptable, open to air and light that is borrowed from the alfresco dining areas. Not only can you escape to a secluded lounge and separate media room, but there is an additional activity room for the kids ensuring there is more than enough space for everyone.

Now, that is all well and good. But what The Grange 38 is really renowned for, in just one word, is space. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms sitting on a total of 355.70m2, and an alfresco dining area to boot…

The Grange is the perfect Brisbane home design for those wanting contemporary, architecturally-inspired lifestyles on acreage.

Father’s Day presents for Brisbane home designs

So, what do you do with all that space? What does dad need? It depends if you want him hanging around or not! If you think dad needs a day to relax, then how about banishing him to his very own man cave out in the backyard?

shed brisbane home designs newstart homes

It depends on how much you are willing to spend on dad, but Simply Sheds have a great selection of small and large outdoor sheds, as well as workshop sheds. The best part is these Brisbane sheds suit any home design in the Newstart Homes collections. Dad could head out back to the workshop on a Sunday afternoon and put his handiwork to use.

Okay, but maybe we want dad around on a Sunday afternoon, and with the expansive and stunning alfresco dining area… yep, you guessed it, a new barbecue.

No Brisbane home design is complete without a barbecue, the perfect companion to the south east Queensland summer.

barbecue brisbane home designs newstart homes

And just a heads up, now is the perfect time to buy while there are still some end of financial year sales on. Or you can put your some of your tax return towards one. Check out the great deals on Weber Barbecues at the moment at The Good Guys! There’s plenty of store locations around Brisbane.

What better gift to give dad than a new barbecue? And don’t just think it’s for him.

You and the family will be repaid in amazing food!

Try Barbecues Galore for a larger selection.

What home gifts can I buy for a spacious Brisbane home design?

Moving on. Let’s now consider what Father’s Day gifts you can buy that are more of a gift for yourself than for him, or more for the kids. How about a trampoline? The beauty of The Grange is that there’s room for everyone. If you want to have a little parents retreat, you can by utilising one of the many feature rooms while the kids play. But, there’s nothing better for kids than the great outdoors.

trampoline brisbane home designs newstart homes

A trampoline is a fantastic way to promote exercise and get the kids playing nicely together. With the sheer size of The Grange, maybe you want to go a little bigger than your foot trampoline, and get an enclosed trampoline like this one from Kmart. Trampolines aren’t notorious for safety but their design has improved over the years, and the enclosure proves to dramatically reduce the chance of injuries.

We hope this list of gifts, and their application to one of our Brisbane home designs, has given you some inspiration for Father’s Day.

Remember, dads love new toys for around the house. Keep in mind you might have to combine dad’s birthday present with his Father’s Day one to get him something like a work shed.

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