Buying a Newstart Home, How Does It Work?

When customers set about buying their new home with Newstart Homes, they’re met with excellent customer service, unparalleled building quality, and an incredible ease of process. Here at Newstart Homes, we know and understand how big of a decision buying a new home is. Even if it’s an investment property, it’s not something that should be rushed.

Newstart Homes makes buying a home easy, lifting all the stress off your shoulders and onto yours. We’ll carry the load for you. Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast customers have all testified to this fact.

In this blog post, we thought it would be good to outline some of the fine print when choosing Newstart Homes. From initial home selection to final handover, and everything in between, let’s jump in and take a look. We’ll split it up into two sections. The first of which, the builder’s responsibilities.

Newstart Homes’ Responsibilities

Once you’ve selected your house plan or presented your custom home plans, we’ll present the preliminary agreement. Once signed, Newstart Homes will then carry out a site investigation to ensure the safest home possible is built for you and your family. We’ll identify any potential problems by drilling, sampling and testing the soils of your site. This will lead us to a recommendation of which type of foundation is suitable to your chosen site.

Read more about site investigations here.

Once the site investigation is complete, we’ll begin work drawing plans to your dream home. Then it’s our turn to sign the contract after all documentation is signed by you. We’ll then lodge plans with appropriate certification, which can take anywhere between 2 to 10 weeks. This doesn’t include town planning application and approval.

“The certification has been received!” Great! Now, Newstart Homes will confirm all order and deliveries, organise subcontractors and generally, just finalise the project before construction commences. The timeline up to this point, is estimated to take anywhere between 10 and 20 weeks.

When Newstart Homes’ Start Building!

Right! This is the fun part now the paperwork is out of the way. This is the part where we get to do what we love and you get to watch your love and hard work pay off. First comes the Base Stage, where all footings and slabs are established. Next, we’ll knock up the frame. And then we reach the lock-up and fix-out stages.

The lock-up stage gets its name because effectively, your home is at a point in the construction process where you can… lock it up. And the fix-out stage? Newstart Homes will be installing all the inner workings of your home i.e. architraves, skirting, basins, sinks, cabinets and cupboards.

You can learn more about the specifics of each stage of construction here.

The Newstart Homes Handover

Our favourite part. Once construction reaches practical completion and final certification, we cut the keys and put them in your hand, and you walk into your brand new, Newstart home. Let’s take a quick look at what’s involved on your end before we get too wistful!

Owner’s Responsibilities When Buying With Newstart Homes

You get to do all the fun stuff! Select your house plan from any Newstart collection and sign the preliminary agreement to initiate our plan drawing and site investigation. Then you have the opportunity to choose the colours of your future space, the backdrop to your life.

From here on in, it’s pretty simple. Finalise and sign all documentation including the contract, provide us with unconditional finance approval from lender, and then pay the deposit less preliminary fees.

This is where Newstart Homes handles the certification, which can take between 2 and 10 weeks. But once that’s said and done, we get building and you can start getting excited. It will take a minimum of 14 weeks to see your beautiful Newstart home come to life.

Along the way, you’ll need to make a few progress payments. Once the construction reaches practical completion and final certification you can call the removalists and start unpacking; you can call your friends and family and arrange a housewarming party!

This is just a summary of the indicative construction process and timetable. There will be a PDF available to download from our website shortly

You can also read more about this subject in our previous blog post: The Newstart Homes Process When Building

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.